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News on films in production - "Blood Red"                              

Larry Downing pictured here starring in the Indiegogo promo "help support independent films" See the video at                    

WORLD WIDE SITES :A lot of horror sites have put up articles about “Blood Red” this month, so a big thank you to all of them, including :

LATEST HORROR MOVIE FIGURES: “Mama” is making good returns at the moment, already made $89 million at the box office. “Sinister” has also at $87 million, and “The Possession” is at $79,527,691 so far. While “The Pact” has made $4,031,952 in the UK alone. Don’t let anyone tell you horrors don’t make money.

MOST PROFITABLE FILMS:  Interestingly, I was just looking at the all time most profitable movies based on return on investment and 8 out of 20 are horror movies. They are , Paranormal Activity, Mad Max, Super Size me, Blair Witch, El Mariachi, Night Of The Living Dead, Rocky, Halloween, American Graffiti, Clerks, Once, The Stewardeses, Napoleon Dynamite, Open Water, Friday the 13th, Gone with the Wind, The Birth of a Nation, The Devil Inside, The Big Parade, Saw.    (all above figures from - the numbers and movie mojo)

NEW FILM LOGO: A new MeloMedia Films Logo on the home page, hope everyone likes it. We may not be filming yet, but behind the scenes there is a lot going on in the CG department and set design. The scale has got a lot bigger and the set and CG set extensions should look amazing. Also using some new programs for integrating helicopters and creating some breath taking scenes. Those of you that have been googling melomedia films and thinking we sell viagra, I can say that we have fixed that problem. Somehow we were redirected to a viagra site, but we have missed a lot of traffic because of it.

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